PLE: Parent Sues Kampala School for taking daughter to Nakaseke without his Consent

PLE: Parent Sues Kampala School for taking daughter to Nakaseke without his Consent

A concerned parent has sued Genesis Nursery and Primary School in Kampala for taking her daughter to sit for her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in a rural school without informing him.

According to court documents filed at the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala on April 2, 2024, Isabella Bahati Ndabateze (the daughter being talked about), represented by her father, Robert Ndabateze, has initiated legal proceedings against the school.

Isabella was transferred to Kasagga Primary School in Nakaseke, where she sat her PLE.

Jennifer Violet Wangolo, the proprietor of Genesis Nursery and Primary School, in the suburb of Mutungo, was sued for allegedly transferring Isabella to Kasagga Primary School, Nakaseke.

The school is accused of engaging in a fraudulent scheme, document falsification, misrepresentation, and deliberate negligence, among others.

“Shockingly, when the results came out, her Primary Leaving [Education Examinations] certificate bore a different name of a school, Kasagga Primary School, P.O. Box 104, Nakaseke, located in Nakaseke district,” Ndabateze says.

The 1st Plaintiff (father) never consented to the change in school, nor did the school inform him about the fact that his daughter would sit PLE in another school, far away in Nakaseke district, different from the one that was known to him.

Furthermore, Ndabateze claims that the school’s actions caused emotional distress and mental harm to Isabella, resulting in anxiety, low self-esteem, and poor academic performance. He argues that the school’s failure to notify him of the transfer and its disregard for their contractual agreement constitute negligence and a breach of obligation.

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