Government orders All Schools to Close for 10 Days for National Census

Government orders All Schools to Close for 10 Days for National Census

Aiming at facilitating the forthcoming national population census, the government has issued a directive mandating the closure of all schools and universities from May 10th to 20th. This decision, announced by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Ritah Namisango, the Principal Public Relations Officer of Makerere University, confirmed reception of the directive from the Ministry of Education and Sports. Namisango indicated that the University Senate is poised to provide clarity on the adjusted dates for the ongoing semester and the impending examination period early next week.

The national population census, spearheaded by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), is slated to commence from May 9th and span a duration of 10 days. The census holds significant importance as it will generate crucial data instrumental in the formulation and execution of government policies across various sectors.



According to a communique dated November 8, 2023, from Dr. Jane Egau Okou, the ministry’s director for higher, technical, vocational education, and training, all educational institutions are mandated to release learners for active participation in the census. The census night, scheduled for May 9th to 10th, will be followed by field enumeration from May 10th to 20th, during which all learners at every level of education are expected to be at home.

This directive underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring accurate demographic data collection, which serves as the cornerstone for informed decision-making and strategic planning in Uganda.

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